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Disclosure – Sale of MFMI Shares
04 May 2021

This Disclosure of Information as conducted as a follow up on the Disclosure of Information that has been submitted by the Company to the OJK through letter No. CSS.106-2020 dated 28 December 2020, regarding the Report of Information or Material Facts about the plan to buy and sell the Company’s shares in MFMI.

On the Date of Event, the Company, together with PT Surya Cipta Investama (“SCI”) and PT Cahaya Investama (“CI”, together with the Company and SCI reffered to as the “sellers”) have carried out the sale of all 700,452,400 shares owned by the Sellers, which collectively represent 92.46% of the total issued and paid-up capital in MFMI, to Iron Mountain Hong Kong Limited (“Buyer”), based on the Conditional Share Purchase Agreement dated 23 December 2020 made by and between the Sellers and the Buyer (together with its amendments, extensions, supplements, addendum and/or novation from time to time the “CSPA”) (the share sale transaction referred to as the “Sale of Shares”).

As of the Date of Event, the Sale of Shares has become effective. Thus, the shares owned by the Sellers in MFMI have been fully transfered to the Buyer, and the Buyer has become the new controlling shareholder of MFMI.