Regarding Good Corporate Governance implementation and ensuring business integrity, the Company has designed a violation reporting mechanism known as the Whistleblowing System. This refers to a system that manages complaints or disclosures regarding fraud and other unethical behavior in confidential, anonymous, and independent ways. Through this system implementation, the Company guarantees the confidentiality of the whistleblowers’ identity and provides protection to the whistleblower from all means of threats, intimidation, punishment, or unpleasant actions from anyone, as long as the whistleblower can protect the confidentiality of the complaint/disclosure from anyone. This system applies to all employees and/or everyone related to the Company as an effort to disclose various problems within the Company that may violate the regulations and code of ethics applied in the Company.

Submission of violation reports can be addressed via email to by attaching data and authentic evidence as support along with the background for submitting the violation report.

Whistleblowing System Procedure

  1. Whistleblowing Management Team will first verify the incoming reports. This team will decide whether or not to carry out further investigations of complaints of violations within 14 (fourteen) working days.
  2. If the verification results indicate that the complaint is incorrect or not finding sufficient evidence, the complaint will not be processed further. However, if the verification results show any indication of violations supported by sufficient evidence, the complaint will be submitted to the Violation Investigation Team to be processed at the Investigation stage.
  3. All violation reports that have been verified shall be followed up by the Violation Investigation Team for investigation.
  4. The Violation Investigation Team investigates the report received from the Violation Complaints Management Team and completes the investigation of the violation complaint within a maximum period of 60 (sixty) days.
  5. Perpetrators of the violations that, based on the results of the investigation, have been proven, will be processed according to the Company’s Regulations/applicable legal processes.
  6. All complaint resolution documents are archived at the Internal Audit Unit.

Report Managers

Parties involved in the whistleblowing system consist of two work units: Whistleblowing Management Team and Violation Investigation Team. However, the Company, not limited to the Whistleblowing Management Team and the Whistleblowing Investigation Team, is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of the identities of everyone involved (both the whistleblower and the reported party) and the contents of the report.

Protection to Whistleblower

In the whistleblowing system implementation, the Company provides assurance and protection to the whistleblower against any backlash upon the report. The whistleblower may submit information if receiving any pressure, threat or action that may harm the whistleblower. The Company provides protection to the Whistleblower, for any possibility of the following actions:

  • Termination;
  • Position or level downgrade;
  • Any means of abuse or discrimination;
  • Adverse records in the personal file record.

The protection is provided with concern that the whistleblower has been proven innocent of any involvement in fraud activity mentioned in the submitted report.